A day in the life – Kirsten Niles

Want to get to know our Vintage players a little better? Read on to find out what a typical day is for our Toronto-based handler, Kirsten Niles.

5:00 Woke up, hit snooze at least one time.
5:15 Got out of bed, made my morning tea, made my lunch of leftover quinoa with veggies and home made peanut sauce with some fruit and yogourt on the side. Showered.
6:00 Grabbed a spot on the subway and read The Book Thief on my Kindle.
6:45 Arrived at work, snacked on my granola bar and morning tea while rounding on the patients on the post-partum floor.
7:30 Received handover on the labour and delivery patients.
8:00 – 18:00 Monitored labouring patients, caught a few babies, performed a caesarean section, evaluated patients in obstetrical triage, grabbed my lunch between deliveries whenever 5 minutes was available, changed my scrubs at least once because covered in yuckiness.
18:00 Handed over.
18:30 Back on the subway to head home using the Kindle to pass the time.
19:00 Went to the gym, did a 30 minute set of running intervals on the treadmill then resistance and power training. Favorite moves include one legged squats on the boson ball, one leg deadlifts and Russian twists.
21:00 Made a large spinach salad for dinner, fed the cats, watched Big Bang Theory and Masterchef that I PVR’ed, caught up on emails and my to-do list.
23:30 More reading and sleep.