A day in the life – Marie-Hélène Audet

Want to get to know our Vintage players a little better? Read on to find out what a typical day is for rookie MH Audet.

6h30: Wake up.
7h15: Read the newspaper with a good latté at a cafe near the university.
7h45: Correction of academic work.
12h: Take a yoga class at the university.
14h: Introduction to gymnastics at a local elementary school.
16h30: Teach a class at mini-gym for children 24-36 months.
18h30: Board meeting for my gymnastics club.
21h30: Arrive home, finish a few files related to gymnastics and prepare for my university class the next day. I am a lecturer so at night I revise and finalize course planning.
23h: If all goes well, sleep.

Note: This is a typical day if I am successful in not forgetting my keys in my car.