A day in the life – Marjo Bourget

Want to get to know our Vintage players a little better? Read on to find out what a typical day is for rookie Marjolaine Bourget.

7:00: Alarm rings and Yéti starts whining (Yéti is my 2-year old husky). He does not want to go outside, he wants attention! Hit the snooze button once or twice and tell Yéti “dodo”.
7:15: Finally makes it out of bed. Eat breakfast – usually two eggs with meat and vegetables with a coffee (double espresso long). Shower and then leave for work. I usually drive, but I try to bike once a week during summer.
9:00-17:00: Start working at around 9. I am working at Bombardier Aerospace as a Product Integrity & Safety specialist. I do the oversight for the safety of the products. What does that mean? I develop processes to identify potential safety issues in the fleet and I make sure that the processes that we have in place are correcting problems in a timely manner. I have a snack of nuts at 9:30 am and again at 10:30 am with a protein bar. Lunch at around noon. Guess what? Protein and vegetables! Snack at 14:00 with a protein bar again.
17:00: After work, I head to the gym. My workout starts with mobility, then activation and finally, weights/cardio. It changes every day. It’s like Crossfit but without the crazy moves that gets you injured. It lasts 1 hour. Then I have a shake so I can last until dinner. Then back home, where I go with Yéti to the dog park for about an hour. Back home, I have dinner. Protein and vegetables! Shower. Rest.
22:30: I try to be in bed. I usually don’t read as I am physically and mentally exhausted.