A day in the life – Matissa Hollister

Want to get to know our Vintage players a little better? Read on to find out what a typical day is for veteran cutter Matissa Hollister.

Mondays, my long and sadly Ultimate-less day

8:30am – Wake up. Yep, I sleep in pretty late, but I was up until 1:30am preparing for class and I believe in sleep.
9:00am – I walk out to the bus stop.
9:05am – At the bus stop I realize I left my wallet at home.
9:15am – Back at the bus stop with my wallet, on my way.
9:40am – Meet with a colleague who shares with me an activity I might use in my class.
10:10-11:15am – Finish preparing for class.
11:30am-1pm – Teach a class on the ethical challenges one may encounter when doing business in cross-cultural settings (the class is cross-cultural management).
1pm-2:30pm – Do some data analysis. I’m conducting a follow-up study on a recently published paper looking at the movement towards less stable career patterns among American workers.
2:30-4pm – Study for my French exam.
4-5:30pm – Teach a second section of the class. Surprisingly, it’s always just as interesting to teach a topic the second time.
6-9pm – French class including the first part of our final exam. The program is McGill Continuing Education French for professionals and so a lot of our reading examples talk about the workplace. Since my research is on changes in the workplace, many of the exam topics end up being related to my research. I guess it’s nice, at least I always have something to say. This one is no exception. The task: write a 250-word summary for the following article.
9-10pm – Walk home. This is my only form of exercise on Mondays. I also use the time to call my parents and check in with them.
10:30pm-midnight – read the application materials and research papers of a job candidate coming the next day.