A day in the life – Virginie Harris

Want to get to know our Vintage players a little better? Read on to find out what a typical day is for veteran cutter Virginie Harris.

Here’s how Virginie imagines a typical summer day in 2014:

5h30: Already? It’s time to get up! The day starts…my little sunshine is awake. We get ready and leave for the day. Daycare, traffic, job. Normally I eat breakfast in the car (I have the impression that this saves time) with a hard-boiled egg, cold toast, a banana and coffee.

7h45: Arrive at wok: ah, there are still sick people who need to be taken care of! And now it’s time for lunch, healthy of course! I don’t eat french fries for lunch. And now the afternoon is flying by, and it’s time to head home, pager on my belt, into the traffic once more. Not a lot of time to get home, feed the little one and leave for my ultimate practice.

17:50: And back into the traffic I go, so I use the time to do some mental focus exercises, go over our team strategies and listen to music that pumps me up for practice!

18h15: And finally, I arrive just in time at the fields, put my cleats on and warm up my throws before the start of team warmup. This is where time stops. Practice lasts two hours, but it is as though time does not exist. I give 100%, have fun, concentrate, challenge myself and accomplish my goals. What a pleasure it is to play ultimate with my friends.