#51 - Alison Fischer

Age: 30+
# of tournaments: 150+
ACL surgery: Yes. Hopefully not again.
Ultimate Idol: Tough to choose just one. Of all the players I’ve had the pleasure to share a field with, I think Leslie Calder, VY Chow and Gen Dufresne are the three that stand out the most for their skill, determination and willingness to leave it all on the field. I’m also a huge fan of Derek Alexander. His ability to put the disc anywhere, anytime has always impressed me.
Kids: 2
Favourite throw: It’s a toss up between backhand huck and high-release break backhand.
Ultimate goal: Do not get broken. Retire (for real) before I get beaten by someone half my age.
Favourite post-ultimate snack: Salt & vinegar chips and chocolate milk.
O or D? D. Although I retired last year…from the D line.

Role for 2015: on-field and strategy captain