Déesses Tournament

Last Saturday, 143 girls filled the dome at Stade Hebert to play in Montreal’s first-ever 4X4 women’s hat tournament. Players of all levels, from novices to veterans, joined forces on the field to form six A teams and 12 B teams. Each team played four 30-minute games, with the top two teams in each division meeting each other in the finals.

In conjunction with the Program Ultimate Feminin, Vintage helped organize and run the tournament in exchange for some of the profits to help with our “Road to Italy” fund. Many Vintage players baked delicious treats for the Cougar Cafe, and 25 prizes were donated to the raffle, including VC Ultimate gear, a North Face jacket, a personal training session, and le Royal tickets.

Great fun was had by all, young and old, experienced and less experienced. Vintage was happy to have an opportunity to coach new players as well as captain some of the elite teams. We would like to thank all our sponsors, as well as the volunteers and the Program Ultimate Feminin for a wonderful opportunity to get to know more of the women who are part of the Montreal Ultimate community.

We are proud to announce that we raised over $1000 that will help pay some of our team fees for Worlds.

We can’t wait for the next one!


To see more pictures, visit : http://www.mortagne.info/2014/02/le-tournoi-des-deesses-ultimate-feminin.html?m=1