Helping out a friend #onestavectoi

One of our former teammates (Storm, Vintage and Team Canada Women’s Masters) and her family are struggling with a cancer diagnosis for their older son, Mathieu. He’s an amazing 10-year old kid, bright, funny, and like his parents, an excellent athlete. He has spent many hours on the sidelines of our tournaments, cheering us on, and it’s now our turn to cheer him on.

Six current and former Vintage players (and our teammates) took the field last weekend at Quebec’s largest 4×4 tourney in Quebec City wearing jerseys supporting Mathieu in his fight against lymphoma. VC Ultimate generously offered to supply the jerseys at a deep discount for our 4X4 team and have also offered to stock our VC Team site with the jerseys at the same discount. If you’d like to support Mathieu, Paco, Angus and Oliver, think about buying a jersey, putting it on and taking some pictures of yourself or your kids in it and sending them to Mathieu.

Here’s a great blog post about Mathieu and how ultimate players everywhere support him, written by Chap (host and animator for The Royal). Chap also made an awesome video for our favourite #15.