#07 - Kaoru Matsui

Age: 30+
# of tournaments played: OMG Fish, did you seriously count every single tourney? I have no clue. A ton.
ACL surgery: No and hope to never have to go through it.
Ultimate Idol: I have had the honor of playing with many amazing players that it would be difficult to name just one. I have to say, however, that Beau Kittredge’s catch while jumping over an entire human being was quite impressive.
Kids: 0 but hopefully some one day soon.
Favourite throw: scoober
Ultimate goal:The fun which comes from playing with great women, playing hard, playing well but because it all comes together naturally through friendship, passion and heart.
Favourite post-ultimate snack: Salty tortilla chips
O or D? Both but love getting the D and ending in O