My Road to Recovery

My new ligament – part 2

It has been almost six months since my ACL surgery. I will be meeting my surgeon in a couple of days to see if I get the official ok to play sports without restrictions. Despite hitting the gym regularly, attending physio and Vintage workouts with Specifik Ultimate, I fear the worst – not getting the go-ahead to resume my regular activities. But I am trying to remain positive!

In six months, I have gone from barely being able to walk to running almost at full speed and even “cutting.” Physio treatments have slowly been replaced by gym sessions that mainly consist of running on a treadmill and doing exercises to build strength in my legs. As I am someone who loves working out with others, I have been attending as many group classes as I can, including Body Sculpture. Oh yes!

I have also benefitted from training with Specifik Ultimate this winter, doing ultimate-specific drills and hanging out with my teammates. I think that I was able to get into shape quickly in part because of our sprint training (high knees and leg extensions) and the constant fear that JP was going to post a video of me on Facebook.

Finally, I have gotten back into some of my favourite winter sports, including cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. I haven’t yet attempted downhill skiing but maybe I will try it after I meet with the surgeon because I am sure there will still be snow on the ground.

I try not to wear my knee brace all the time, in the hope that I will no longer need it one day soon. I don’t wear it to the gym, but I still put it on when I play sports.

Overall, I think it is important to stay active and to listen to your body. When my knee hurts or is swollen, I allow myself to take a break. Otherwise, I am trying to train as much as I can so I can regain my pre-World Championships form before the start of the season. Nothing less will do.

That’s the latest news about my new ACL.


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