The challenge: Do you know how to play disc golf?

Hosted by Vintage and l’Association de disc golf de Montréal

Parc régional de St-Bernard de Lacolle
Saturday, July 4, 2015
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Have you ever played disc golf? It is the perfect combination two awesome sports, ultimate and golf. Playing disc golf is a great way to spend a day relaxing outside with friends and family, playing a game that requires strength and accuracy. Played on an 18-hole course, the goal is to sink the disc into the basket at each hole, using as few throws as possible.

The “Do you know how to play disc golf” tournament is the perfect occasion to try out the sport for the first time, to work on your skills or to perfect your game.

There will be beer, a BBQ, a beautiful course and many prizes available during the tournament.

If you’ve ever said, “Hey, I would love to try disc golf” then now is your chance to register for the tournament on July 4. The profits will go to supporting Vintage in the team’s quest to qualify for the World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London in 2016.

See you on Saturday, July 4!