Vintage Leadership 2014

In 2014, Vintage will be led by a team of five players who have many, many, many years of leadership experience in the Montreal ultimate community and beyond. Including four founding members of Montreal’s elite women’s team Storm (est 2004), Vintage’s leadership team includes players who have represented Canada at the World Games, the World Ultimate Club Championships and the World Ultimate and Guts Championships. In addition to elite experience at the international level, Vintage’s captains have spent countless hours leading practices, running teams, coaching clinics, representing on committees and organizing tournaments together in Montreal since the late 1990s.

vintage-leadershipThis year, Alison Fischer and Genevieve Dufresne will be the team’s on-field leaders. Gen will run the team’s practices and will also call lines during games. Fish will be the leadership team’s coordinator, and will be responsible for strategy, line calling as well as social media activities. Rose Carlton will be the team’s fundraising coordinator and individual feedback/player motivator. Marie-Eve Latendresse is responsible for all administrative activities this season, while Guylaine Girard will oversee the team’s mental preparation as well as run warm-ups and fitness activities during practices and tournaments.

We are extremely excited about 2014!